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I'm popping into the blogosphere to let all my blogging buddies know that I am doing well. I'm currently busy reading "A Thousand Splendid Suns" by Khaled Hosseini, I'm almost done. I'm hosting my book club this Thursday night, so I must finish in time to clean the house and plan a menu.

I just got back from North Carolina. I was visiting my mother, sister and niece. I must say that my niece and sister are taking great care of my mother. She is in much better health than she was 4 months ago when she arrived in NC. She is doing really well, feeling much better. They are doing a great job, much better than I could have done. Bravo for them.

My son had a job interview last week. He applied for a volunteer position helping with the summer camp program at a local museum. I was helping him write his resume, he is such an accomplished young man. I am so proud of him.

I'm still enjoying my backyard birds and the Kodak falcons. Yankee baseball has started too. The weather is warm, spring has sprung. Life is good.

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CFBW Bird Tour

Scrub Jay on my head I went on my very first bird tour, I think I'm hooked. Chuck Blakely, of CFBW Enterprises, Inc., is a wonderful tour guide. He's knowledgeable, experienced, patient and just plain fun to be with. I signed up for a full day tour and I'm glad I bought extra memory cards for my camera. We went to four or five different places and each of them had something special to share.

My favorite spot on the tour was Scrub Jay Trail. Chuck took the picture above with me and two Florida Scrub Jays. Can it get any better than this?

The Scrub Jay is a threatened species endemic to Florida. Habitat loss makes this bird vulnerable to extinction. They live in the bushes that grow after a fire, preferring scrub bushes between six and ten feet tall. Conservationists are attempting to save the Florida Scrub Jay by creating new habitat through controlled burns.

Next time I'm going to request Chuck's Personalized Outdoor Photography Guide Services, I better buy more flash cards.
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A new look

I finally turned to a professional to makeover my blog. Sam over at Temptation Designs did a wonderful job. Have you ever seen my sidebar so neat? I just love it! I should have contacted Sam long ago, a beautiful design is so worth it. I'm still taking pictures of the birds in the backyard, I love my new digital camera. Bokeh - Titmouse in the Snow I've just started creating my own photo books over at Blurb, it's so much fun. A couple of my friends made one and I just had to do it too. You take your own photos and text and make it into a hardcover or softcover book, just like the books you see in the bookstore, only better. The books are keepsakes that you and your family can treasure forever. Speaking of books, I'm in a book club. We just got done reading "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Hilbert, next up is "Consequences" by Penelope Lively. Has anyone read it? Did you like it? My mother is undergoing another round of radiation, this time on her neck. She's been really sick, unable to swallow. Three more radiation treatments and she is done with this round. Mom has a bird-feeder now, although she's having trouble getting birds to show up. I think all the birds have found their favorite places already this season. She really liked watching the birds when she visited me, I think she dislikes the squirrels even more than I do. Thanks for stopping here every now and again. If you don't find me here, you might find me over at Flickr.
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