Ruby-throated Hummingbird

Ruby-throated Hummingbird
This female Ruby-throated Hummingbird makes frequent stops at the feeder in my yard. There is also a male Hummingbird that stops in from time to time.

Last week the female was chittering in the tree near the feeder, her head was going back and forth like she was watching a tennis match. She was watching the male Hummingbird put on an aerial display for her; he was zigging and zagging masterfully. I hope baby hummingbirds will appear at my feeder this year.
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Blogger chichimama said...

What an amazing picture!!!!!

6/16/07, 8:36 PM  
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Blogger Renee said...

that would be totally awesome if you got baby hummers. fingers crossed!

6/16/07, 10:44 PM  
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Blogger Carol said...

What are you feeding those birds?

6/16/07, 11:29 PM  
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Blogger Killired said...

beautiful!!!! i love the action shot and just barely being able to see it's wings!!!!

6/17/07, 3:55 PM  
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Blogger Barbara said...

Thank you for your kind comments.

Carol - I'm just feeding them sugar water.

6/17/07, 10:03 PM  
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Blogger Melli said...

HOW in the world do hummingbirds EVER hatch an egg? They can't POSSIBLY sit still that long!!!

6/18/07, 6:40 PM  
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Blogger Barbara said...

Melli - They are busy little birds, quite fantastiv little creatures.

6/18/07, 7:09 PM  
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