Train Derailment

My mother and two of my sisters heard a huge explosion this morning around 7:00 AM. There was a train derailment a couple of miles from where they live. Twenty-eight of eighty train cars had derailed, some carrying flammable liquids. Five of the cars with flammable liquids went up in flames sending a huge fireball into the sky.

Work was closed for my sister and school was closed for my niece. They were under a state of emergency today because there were other train cars with flammable liquids that could explode causing further damage. Many roads were closed and people were evacuated. People who weren't in the evacuation area were asked to stay in their homes and not go outside unless absolutely necessary.

My valiant sister courageously left the house and played my mother's lotto numbers for her. What a hero.

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Blogger Carol said...

That sounds very frightening! I hope they're alright.

I'm off to Florida to look for a house. Wish us luck!


3/12/07, 8:56 PM  
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Blogger chichimama said...

I hope she wins...

3/12/07, 9:16 PM  
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Blogger Melli said...

Goooooood grief! Well... I'm glad to see she has her priorities lined up! Were any PEOPLE injured? How scary!

3/12/07, 10:43 PM  
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Anonymous mon@rch said...

O my goodness! how scary! q

3/12/07, 10:58 PM  
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Blogger Lazy Daisy said...

Oh My, that is frightening. Did your mom win?

3/12/07, 11:09 PM  
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Blogger Margie said...

Horrible thing....the train derailment....so close to your family Barbara.

Hope your mom is lucky!

3/13/07, 12:49 AM  
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Blogger mar said...

How scary! glad nobody was injured...good luck to your mom! yes, your sister is a hero!

3/13/07, 8:18 AM  
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Blogger J. Andrew Lockhart said...

There's a train near my school - maybe I'll get out of work today?
Just kidding!

3/13/07, 9:02 AM  
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Blogger Marie said...

We were on the Thruway yesterday (south of Albany heading back to western NY). We saw signs about the Thruway being closed at exit 33, but no explanation of why. Now we know! By the time we got there (mid afternoon) it had reopened & we didn't have to take a detour.

I grew up right near there... I think we talked about that already.

Glad your family is safe!

3/13/07, 4:24 PM  
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