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About a week ago I added my site to FuelMyBlog. It has been a positive experience so far. I chose a square on their wall of blogs, people click on the square, a short description of your blog displays, and it brings them to my website. The set up was pretty easy, and free. You pick an image to represent your blog, write a short description and then pick your square.  I picked a square on the LIFE wall, all the squares on the main wall are already taken.  I've had a vistor everyday from FuelMyBlog.  You can get more visitors too!
Here is their FAQ:
1. What is a Square? The squares we feature on this website. For our purposes a square is 40x40 pixels. We refuse to add anything that is porn or spam. We will only add Blogs or myspace's to this site. You can have a square on the main page or on one of the features tabs, sport, business, life and all sorts.
2. Does Having a Square actually get more readers? The purpose of this site is to make it easier for people to get introduced to and read your blog. We will shorty be introducing a radio show that will discuss blogs on this site. You have at least five years advertising free. The clicks facility shows how many clicks your ad is generating. People will be able to read your blog by clicking on your image. So, the answer is yes, having a square generates more readers, it is up to you to have content that creates comments!
3. Can I use my own image?Absolutely! However the image format must be in either GIF or JPEG and NOT be animated, with a maximum file size of 100x100 pixels. Please be aware that you need to have the rights of the image you are providing.
4. Why is it free? We decided to make the site free because the whole point of fuelmyblog is to find more blogs easier. By offering adverts free we want to get as many blogs involved as possible, ultimately, that's why this site started. We will continue to improve the site and fund it with advertising on the many new features coming soon.
5. What is blog of the day? Blog of the day is chosen by us based upon content. It stays in this space for 24 hours.


Today I'm Blog of the Day on the  Life wall.  Go check it out!

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Blogger Sunflower said...


Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

I will Exercise for Comments!

2/18/07, 4:39 PM  
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Blogger Sunflower said...

I was the blog of the day yesterday :-)


I will Exercise for Comments!

2/18/07, 4:42 PM  
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Blogger LadyBugCrossing said...

Hey! Congrats!! I signed up, too! Thanks for the heads up!
I'm still doing situps... UGH!
It's too snowy and icy to walk.
Thanks for dropping by.. I've been bad about commenting. I'm just too busy! I've gotta slow down!

2/18/07, 7:01 PM  
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Blogger Mr. Fabulous said...

Very cool! I am off to investigate!

2/18/07, 7:44 PM  
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Blogger samuru999 said...

Hi Barbara
Congrats on being blog of the day!
I always enjoy coming here to visit you!
Thanks for including me among the other bloggers with great posts!
My little prayer for spring has me longing for spring!
Take care!


2/18/07, 8:31 PM  
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Blogger Melli said...

Well, imagine that! I 'spect we can all use a little free advertisement every now and again... I jest might have to invest in a block! I'll run check it out in a minute!

FIRST I want to tell YOU ... Krysti and I are coming back UP to Keuka on March 2nd, she has her scholarship interview on the 3rd! If you would like, WE should get together! I had NO idea you were that close!

2/18/07, 9:08 PM  
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Blogger J. Andrew Lockhart said...

this looks very interesting!

2/19/07, 1:37 AM  
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Blogger Carol said...

Barbara, You always find such interesting things to do...

2/19/07, 3:05 AM  
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Blogger mar said...

Congratulations, Barbara!!!! it sounds like a fun site to be added to...

2/19/07, 3:56 AM  
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Blogger Jake Silver said...

Wow, that is pretty cool. I'll have to check it out.

2/19/07, 8:23 AM  
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Blogger Viamarie said...

Good! I'll check it out later. Thanks for the info.

Have a great day!

2/19/07, 8:52 AM  
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Blogger Carol said...

Hi Barb,

It's Monday and I just went over to check the Blog of the Day and noticed today it's ME!!! LOL..

Is that funny or what?

Kudos to you for Sunday's Blog of the Day.


2/19/07, 10:53 AM  
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Blogger Suzanne said...

I added mine - thanks for the link!

2/19/07, 12:27 PM  
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Blogger Renee said...

more people visiting me = more people for me to visit.

I need to cut back. LOL

2/19/07, 3:37 PM  
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Blogger Killired said...

well if barbara's doin it, it must be cool! i signed up this am and just blogged about it.. with linkage to you!!!!!

2/19/07, 4:11 PM  
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Blogger Marie said...

Very cool! I missed your big day!

2/19/07, 4:36 PM  
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Blogger Veronika said...

I'm with Killired - "If Barbara's doin it, it must be cool"! Congrats, Barbara.

2/19/07, 8:07 PM  
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Blogger Kevin D said...

Thanks Barbara, what a nice write up. Thanks so much to everyone for being part of our site. We are changing in a huge way over the coming weekend and you'll see what a nice group of people in England can do when they believe in something as much as we do sitting in France reading blogs all day!

Kevin from fuelmyblog

2/23/07, 3:44 AM  
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