Where's My Book?

So I spend time blogging and reading everyone's blogs, like most bloggers do. It seems that a lot of bloggers are aspiring writers They have ambitions to be published, they are working on their books. Some people believe that most people have a book inside them, just waiting to be written. Well I don't have a book in me. 

I've never thought that anything I'm thinking needs to be a book.  I've never even contemplated writing one. The mere thought of writing a book feels like a humongous project full of boring details.  You would have to pay me to write a book, and I don't see that happening. 

I love reading books and admire the craftsmanship involved. I've belonged to book clubs and thoroughly enjoy discussing each part of a book.

So why does everyone else have a book in them, and I don't? What is it that compels you to want to author a book? What am I missing? 

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Blogger samuru999 said...

Not me either, Barbara!
People tell me I should put my poems together in a book, but at this time, I have no desire to!
Maybe someday...who knows!
Hope all is well!
Take care!


1/22/07, 9:07 PM  
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Blogger Mr. Fabulous said...

Well, in my case, I am pretty sure it's mental illness. So maybe you are better off :)

1/22/07, 9:32 PM  
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Blogger Nicole said...

Honestly, I couldn't even fathom writing an entire book. I can write forever, but its not exactly book material. I just write and leave it at that. If I did it any other way, I wouldn't enjoy it nearly as much as I do now.

1/22/07, 9:49 PM  
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Blogger chichimama said...

No book in me! I wish there was, but nope. I don't have that kind of dedication. Blogging two paragraphs a day is just dandy!

1/22/07, 9:58 PM  
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Blogger Mari said...

Hmmm. I wonder if I have a book in me. I don't think so, even though I've contemplated it. Of course, the thought of writing a book is too overwhelming, like you said, so maybe I don't have a book in me. That is an interesting observation!

1/22/07, 10:36 PM  
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Blogger Sunflower said...

Don't worry. I don't want to publish any book too:-)

I will Exercise for Comments!

1/22/07, 11:00 PM  
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Blogger J. Andrew Lockhart said...

You're not missing anything. Anyway, you're writing a "living" book right now! You just didn't know that. :)

1/23/07, 1:20 AM  
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Blogger Melli said...

Ya know what Barb? I've actually written a couple of books... BAD books! Really BAD books! So bad that I don't even haaaaaave them anymore BAD books! WHY did I do it? Because everyone ELSE thought I should write a book! From the time I was a teenager I heard "Oh Melli! You have such a way with words! You should write a book!" "Melli, you're funnier than Erma Bombeck - you should write a book!" ... so I wrote a book. It was bad! I thought I can SURELY do better than this... I have a way with words! I'm funny! I wrote a second book. It was BAD! BAD BAD BOOKS! I don't have a book in me Barb! I don't have the DESIRE to write a GOOD book. I was writing a book for all the wrong reasons! And I've decided it's much more FUN to write a Blog! Don't feel bad if you don't have a book in you! Some folks are writers ... and the rest of us are "readers" ... and that's what makes the system WORK!

1/23/07, 8:06 AM  
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Blogger gem said...

I don't think you are missing anything. The world needs readers, too. I taught English for 10 years and wrote marketing communications for another ten and never felt like I had a book in me until I turned 46. For me it was just a question of I wanted to try it and unlike ski-jumping or parasailing or other adventures, writing a book was actually something I thought I could do. Now, I may be dissuaded from that in a few years, but at least I will have tried. So I would say, embrace who you are, wherever that is.

1/23/07, 12:32 PM  
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Blogger Imran said...

You described me perfectly. I do not have a book in me either.

You love reading, while I hate it. Plus, my command of the English language is mediocre, I'd be surprised if anyone would allow me to write books for preschoolers.

Think you're better off than me.

What if you write books on computers for adult beginners?

1/23/07, 6:06 PM  
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Blogger Carol said...

No books here, Barb! I've often thought about this too. I was a technical writer for over 12 years and maybe for that reason I never had any desire to write the "great American novel".

Writing was a job, not something I wanted to do on my off hours. Surprising I became a blogger! LOL. No matter what they say about everyone having at least one book in them, writing is HARD WORK!


1/23/07, 7:28 PM  
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Blogger Barbara said...

Margie – You could probably just get a publisher to look at your blog.
Mr. Fab – I’m pretty sure there is a book in you.
Nicole – I would hate looking for dangling participles.
Chichimama – I hear you! I can’t commit to a book. Committing to write in my blog overwhelms me sometimes.
Mari – Since I find it a bother to spell check my blog posts, I don’t really think I could take a book through several revisions.
Sunflower – I’m glad to see I’m not the only one.
Andrew – My hope for my blog is that it survives so that my ancestors will be able to read it. Writing a journal would be too boring for me, I like the interaction with the other bloggers.
Melli – That’s pretty bad if you don’t keep your own books. I know you are funny in the short form, I can see why your friends encouraged you. I have to agree, a book is a big commitment, unless you are going to be very disciplined, patient, pay attention to details, and willing to rewrite and revise a book will not turn out very well
Gem – One of the only books I’m qualified to write would be, “How to Live Your Life Right – By Barbara”, somehow I don’t think that would be a big seller.

Imran – I find it interesting that a lot of men do not like to read books. They read sports columns, finance magazines, computer magazines and a lot of non-fiction. Not as many men seem to appreciate fiction as much as women do. You are more of an inspirational writer Imran, you exemplify optimism, and I love reading your blog.

Carol – I guess I’m lucky that I understand how hard it is before I would even attempt it. I’ve read some masterful books; I can’t perform the artistry that these writers perform. I wouldn’t settle for mediocre, that wouldn’t be good enough for me.

1/24/07, 8:53 AM  
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Blogger Teena said...

I used to dream of being a writer ... mystery/comedies. I even took a couple writing classes. But life got busy and I lot my ambition.

Someday ...

1/24/07, 9:44 PM  
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Blogger Barbara said...

Teena - I find that when you get older your dreams become realistic.

1/25/07, 7:14 PM  
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