Jack Pine

The ice storm is wreaking havoc with a Jack Pine in our backyard. The tree is laying horizontally instead of standing vertically. The weight of the ice, plus the additional snow from was just to much for it to bear. It was so cold outside today, it was 16 degrees F when I got home from work. I went outside in the dark to see if I could help the tree, I brought a rubber mallet with me too see if I could tap some of the ice off. I couldn't get anything off but the snow. The tree was completely engulfed in ice, every last needle was ice covered, the bark was ice covered, and with the low temperatures nothing is melting. The trunk has not broken, Jack Pines have soft wood. I'm hoping that it will right itself after a thaw. Here's a picture.

With everything frozen I'm wondering how the birds are faring. They are eating the seed I put out for them, so I know at least some have survived. I have a heated birdbath because birds can't drink ice, nor can the other animals. I am hoping that some have found refuge in the winter roosting house I put out there for them. It should stay warm enough in there if they huddle together. The hole was cut low so when the heat rises it does not escape out of the house.

Please, if you have bad weather in your area, put out some food, water and shelter if possible for the birds and other wildlife.


Anonymous Karin said...

You're so nice to take care of the wildlife! We don't have those issues here thank goodness.

1/16/07, 10:29 PM  
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Blogger J. Andrew Lockhart said...

Month and a half until spring! I hate winter more every year. I hope your tree makes it -- I take it personally when ice breaks one of my trees. :)

1/17/07, 12:38 AM  
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Blogger Sunflower said...

It is frozen cold in Vancouver too!
I couldn't see any wildlife at all.

I will Exercise for Comments!

1/17/07, 12:50 AM  
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Blogger FRIDAY'S CHILD said...

You really have a big heart. Just dropping by to say hello.

1/17/07, 8:02 AM  
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Blogger Barbara said...

Karin - Yes, thank goodness

Andrew - We typically have 4 months until spring around here. With the wacky weather lately I don't know what to expect.

Sunflower - I hope the animals will survive.

Friday - Thank you for visiting here.

1/17/07, 8:19 AM  
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Blogger Suldog said...

I love leaving some bread or crackers out for the birds and seeing who shows up. Last sunday I got blue jays, cardinals and a woodpecker, aside from the usual sparrows and pigeons.

1/17/07, 9:01 AM  
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Anonymous Froggie said...

Glad to hear that you survived the ice storm. There has been such freaky weather all over the place lately.

I wish more people were helping the bird and other creatures. This cold/icey weather can't be easy for them.

1/17/07, 9:34 AM  
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Blogger samuru999 said...

Hope so much your pine tree will survive. We lost a lovely cherry tree recently from all the heavy snow we had...it was sad to see the end of our beautiful fruit bearing tree.

So very difficult weather for all the birds.
We take care of the birdies here!

Take care, Barbara!
It is only 7 degrees here this morning....BRRRRRRR!

1/17/07, 10:50 AM  
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Blogger Lazy Daisy said...

It was 81 degrees Monday in Savannah, Georgia. We are in the teens here in Virginia (quite a drop in temperatures) Oh...looks like today may be a good day for having a new baby!

1/17/07, 1:54 PM  
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Blogger Mr. Fabulous said...

I always feed the wild animals even the ones I am not supposed to, like raccoons.

I love the little guys!

1/17/07, 6:17 PM  
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Blogger Barbara said...

Suldog - I'm glad you like taking care of wildlife too.

Froggie - I too hope more people start thinking about the animals, especially with the weird weather we've been having.

Margie - Losing a beautiful cherry tree is much worse than losing a Jack Pine.

Lazy Daisy - :)

Mr. Fab - You are so soft hearted.

1/18/07, 7:10 PM  
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Blogger Veronika said...

You are so kind hearted, Barbara! I worry about the stray animals here too as well as the birds. I make sure to have seed out for the birds in my backyard. It's so sad that some animals have to suffer in the winter.

1/18/07, 11:07 PM  
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Blogger Barbara said...

Veronika - The birds are eating a lot more seed now that the ground is snow covered. I hope they make it without too much suffering.

1/19/07, 6:15 PM  
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