Missing from my sidebar...

Usually there are Blog Olympics announcements in my sidebar. I kept all the Blog Olympics stuff in an application called Sideblog: www.sideblog.com

Without any warning Sideblog is gone, I get this message when I go to the site:
Notice: This domain name expired on 05/30/06 and is pending renewal or deletion

Does any one know if it is coming back?
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Blogger Killired said...

no, i dont and i wondered where the heck it went!!!!!

6/5/06, 11:27 PM  
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Blogger FRIDAY'S CHILD said...

No. I was surprised to see it gone on your sidebar.

6/6/06, 12:26 AM  
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Blogger J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I think it's a conspiracy!!!!

6/6/06, 1:22 AM  
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Blogger mar said...

have you checked that out with Scouser??

6/6/06, 1:46 AM  
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Blogger TNChick said...

They likely missed their domain renewal and haven't paid yet.... when they pay, it'll come back. Tends to happen to many who don't keep up with things as they should.... if they don't come back then that message will disappear and the name will be on the market. :)

6/6/06, 6:20 PM  
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Blogger Killired said...

im with mar on this one... it's got to be part of scouser's plan...

6/6/06, 9:51 PM  
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Blogger Carol said...

I was surprised to find it is disappeared on my blog too. Oh, dear...
it was such a good add-on too....I hope we haven't lost...no, can't think of that

6/7/06, 2:24 AM  
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