Happy Friday!

One more day until my son returns home. I really miss having him around. He makes our home feel so much more alive when he's here. I have noticed a considerable decrease in the amount of housework needed with him away though.

He can't wait to get home and go see the baby falcons flying around the Kodak tower downtown. He really feels he's missing out on it all, especially since Grandma doesn't have the internet. He can't even see pictures of them posted online. I have to give him a detailed account of the happenings at the nest box every day.

Don't forget the FFMB parade over at Carol's Blog today!
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Blogger Trinity13 said...

My little brother comes home this weekend as well. He has spent three weeks at a movie stunt school in Washington State. I really miss him and I can't wait to see him!!

6/23/06, 10:15 AM  
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Blogger FRIDAY'S CHILD said...

My sister-in-law who is coming from the States will be here on the 28th. Now that your son will be back, all housework will go back to its usual stage.

6/23/06, 10:57 AM  
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Blogger Renee said...

I feel funny when Darly isn't with me...even when she's with DH at home. I'm just so used to her being there.

6/23/06, 11:26 AM  
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Blogger TNChick said...

Happy Friday, Barbara!

6/23/06, 12:45 PM  
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Blogger craziequeen said...

WOW - will you look at that shameless 'anonymous'!!

Barbara, it must be terrible waiting for Son to come home - on the plus side he'll probably bring you a gift....laundry, most likely! :-0


6/23/06, 4:34 PM  
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Blogger J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I can't stand it when any of my kids are gone! My son is leaving next week w/ his grandparents for a few days and I'm already feeling bad - :(

6/23/06, 7:48 PM  
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Blogger chichimama said...

Hope he got back safe and you had a wonderful reunion!

6/27/06, 3:22 PM  
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