Awesome Thirteen

Header Graphic courtesy of Chaotic Home
Numbers 1 through 10:

There are 10 pictures in the link below. Please view them as a slideshow. You will witness two peregrine falcons exchanging food mid air as they are flying. One falcon will fly upside down and retrieve the food from the other falcon. It is so incredible to watch! Thanks to Marcia who let me post these pictures.

Incredible Mid Air Food Exchange.

The birds are Mariah and Kaver, stars of the Kodak Birdcam.

Number 11:

Ring graphics courtesy of Carrie of Cze-Johnson Fever

Today is Blog Olympics Training Camp #8. The festivities start today (June 1) at noon eastern time, 9:00 AM MST. Just check out the count down clock on my sidebar to see how much time is left till it starts, or maybe it's already started. It only takes a few minutes to play. Just go to Keb's Blog and follow a couple of easy instructions. Five minutes later you'll be done, and you might win Olympic Gold!

What's it all about? Visit Melli's Thursday Thirteen.

Number 12:

My Birdcam Portal

Today is banding day for the Kodak Birdcam baby falcons. They will get little ankle bracelets that can be used to identify them when they leave the nest. They will also get named today, it's a big day for falcaholics.

Number 13:

13. Thank you so much to all who visit here, I really do appreciate your blog patronage.

Get the Thursday Thirteen code here!

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Blogger Tess said...

breathtaking! that's amazing.
*back to my boring T13 now :)

6/1/06, 12:34 AM  
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Blogger Ruth said...

These are amazing shots. I am going to show my kids in the morning.

My TT is up now too (early for a change!)

6/1/06, 2:15 AM  
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Blogger mar said...

Amazing pictures! thanks for sharing them. I will come back to see the baby falcons! and now off to Melli's, happy TT, mine is up.

6/1/06, 2:16 AM  
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Blogger Christine said...

Incredible pics. I love to watch birds fly. Simply amazing.

6/1/06, 2:21 AM  
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Blogger FRIDAY'S CHILD said...

Superbly taken. Can't say anything more.
Thanks for dropping by.

6/1/06, 2:37 AM  
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Anonymous FatedHearts said...

awesome pictures!!! I love how the other one snatched the food from the other falcon. magnificent bird.

Happy TT, mine is up.

6/1/06, 3:55 AM  
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Blogger Carol said...

These are great shots, Barb! Thanks for sharing them with us!

Mine is up.


6/1/06, 6:11 AM  
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Blogger Chaotic Mom said...

WOW! That was AMAZING! Great pics. Did you take those?

Hmmm... I may be home to try Blogolympics finally.

My T13 is up, too!

6/1/06, 6:16 AM  
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Anonymous Scouser said...

Hi all, Great pics, my T13 for this week are up.

6/1/06, 6:17 AM  
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Blogger Lazy Daisy said...

Hope they choose some of the names you submitted. You are getting to be quite a falconier! Amazing shots! (hey you sneaky girl....is this a commerical for the Blog Olympics?) tee hee...see you there.

6/1/06, 7:00 AM  
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Anonymous Tricia said...

incredable pictures! Wonderful!

6/1/06, 7:39 AM  
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Anonymous Janet (fondofsnape@gmail.com) said...

the slideshow wouldn't work for me, but I could see the 10 pictures! Such beautiful birds :-)

6/1/06, 7:57 AM  
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Blogger Wystful1 said...

Oh the pictures are truly fabulous.

my t 13 are up

6/1/06, 8:31 AM  
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Blogger Kelly said...

AWESOME pictures! Birds are pretty amazing.

6/1/06, 9:14 AM  
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Blogger Trinity13 said...

A Blog Olymic Training Camp is finally held during the week...I'll actually be able to participate this time! Wonderful!!!

6/1/06, 9:46 AM  
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Blogger K T Cat said...

As usual, an awesome post.

6/1/06, 9:48 AM  
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Blogger chris said...


6/1/06, 9:57 AM  
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Blogger Melli said...

Honestly, those birds are so cool! That slide show is something else! Don't you wonder how they KNOW to do that? Amazing little creatures, to be sure.

And now it's MY turn to be surprised! Thank YOU for the mention! That must have been a quick update! ;) You are MORE than welcome to use my header anytime you like -- as are ANY Blog Olympic participants! It's a fun game and I thank you for creating it!!!

6/1/06, 10:25 AM  
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Blogger YellowRose said...

Incredible shots!! Always a pleasure to visit you!

6/1/06, 12:25 PM  
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Blogger TNChick said...

If those falcons only knew we were all watching... hehe

6/1/06, 12:51 PM  
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Blogger Suzy said...

They should name one of the falcons after you! Thanks for the great shots.

6/1/06, 1:52 PM  
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Blogger Mom Nancy said...

Very cool. Thanks, too, for reminding me about the Olympics!

My TT is up, too.

6/1/06, 3:05 PM  
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Blogger Reverberate58 said...

The pictures are awesome! The babies are really growing fast! But I guess birds do!Really neat share. Thanks!

6/1/06, 4:03 PM  
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Blogger WendyWings said...

Did the Olympics, I think this is the first time we get penalised for being too articulate, oh well.
I got a good score for a novelist LOL

6/1/06, 4:32 PM  
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Blogger Gail Martin said...

Cool pics.

My TT are up.

6/1/06, 7:00 PM  
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Anonymous Karin said...

I just wish I could read your blog! The font is unreadable on my mac for some reason. But I can read you on the RSS feed, so I do still read!

6/2/06, 12:56 AM  
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Blogger Carol said...

Hey Barbara,
I did the Blog Olympics. I am amazed at all the different activities that are out there. Keep up the good job all you dedicated Olympians.

6/2/06, 2:41 AM  
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Blogger LadyBugCrossing said...

Wicked Cool!

6/2/06, 7:25 AM  
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Blogger Viamarie said...

Amazing photos. Keep it up.


6/2/06, 7:51 AM  
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Blogger Killired said...

im always the one trying to catch up! those pix are amazing of them exchanging food mid-flight! who took those pix?

cool idea for a t13!

6/2/06, 3:00 PM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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