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My son said they took a poll in their fifth grade class and only one person voted for Katharine. His class is usually a pretty good barometer, so it doesn't look good for Katherine.

My son performed in his school concert last night, he and his classmates did their usual stellar job. I recorded American Idol, and had my husband record it another VCR just in case mine didn't make it. Neither of us successfully recorded it. That's just so odd, each of us are 20+ year veterans in the IT industry having written hundreds of programs for corporate America, but we can't program our VCRs.

Anywho, I got home and watched the last 20 minutes of the show, turning on the TV as Katharine started that dreadful Destiny song. That was a laughable final two performance, I thought the judges gave it better praise than it deserved, even Simon. Then Taylor sang the song asking if he made us proud, which was alright, not a show stopper or anything like that, but a lot better than Katharine. The crowd seemed to love Taylor.

So, I am now proclaiming Taylor Hicks as the winner of American Idol. Remember, you heard it here first.
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Blogger Marie said...

I'm with you Barbara. Kat blew it last night. And the crowd looooves Taylor. Those songs they write for them as their "singles" are so bad! Oh my goodness. They must have access to any writer in the industry -- I don't get it.

Tonight they're going to drag it out for 2 hours. Last time I fell asleep before they got to the end, and missed the big announcement when Carrie beat Bo.

Bummer about the VCRs!!!

5/24/06, 9:19 AM  
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Blogger cube said...

Katherine does have the prettier voice. She might pull it off.

5/24/06, 2:03 PM  
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