13 Impacts of My Migraine Headaches

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The pain
My family has to be quiet
The cost of medication
Broken commitments
Loss of appetite
Trying to catch up on what I didn't do while debilitated.
Living life only part way because I know I can't promise to do the things I wish I could.
Canceling social engagements
Abdicating parental responsibilities to my husband
Loss of meaningful time in my life

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Blogger Chana said...

I need quiet too...and I hate clutter, that makes me feel chaotic!

5/11/06, 6:38 AM  
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Blogger Carol said...

I do not get migraines, but I sympathesize with your misery. I hope your attacks are few and far between.

All the best,

PS - My TT is up.

5/11/06, 6:43 AM  
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Blogger Carmen said...

I'm sorry you suffer. As a fellow migraine person, I can sympathise. Maybe some new meds? I just tried something called Relpax - the wonder drug.

My list is up

5/11/06, 6:56 AM  
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Blogger Lazy Daisy said...

Whoa babe, hope you feel better quickly. That was quite a list. Looks like lots of guilt comes with it too.

5/11/06, 6:58 AM  
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Blogger FRIDAY'S CHILD said...

I do have migraine too. I hate loud noises, not balanced lightings. Yours is more than I do.

5/11/06, 7:52 AM  
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Blogger LibertyBelle said...

I've been there, seen it and done it too.
Thankfully my migranes have lessened over the years!
Hope yours will too.

5/11/06, 8:17 AM  
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Anonymous Scouser said...


5/11/06, 8:53 AM  
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Blogger Joan said...

Oh my! I am so sorry! I have had migraines since I was about 12. My DIL just recovered from a week-long one. REST!

My 13 are also posted.

5/11/06, 9:50 AM  
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Blogger Trinity13 said...

I hope you get over these migraines soon! And I'll keep you in my prayers sweetie!

5/11/06, 10:04 AM  
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Blogger Undercover Angel said...

I get migranes too. They suck. My TT is up.

5/11/06, 10:16 AM  
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Blogger One Scrappy Gal said...


I've never had a migraine but I feel for you!! That just sounds really awful! :(

5/11/06, 10:31 AM  
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Blogger Jackie said...

Migraines suck. As you obviously know...

5/11/06, 10:40 AM  
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Blogger Renee said...

So far I've been lucky and only had about 3 migranes...but they're coming more frequently now. I wish I could figure out how to avoid them (what triggers them). But I did catch the last one coming and was able to stop agravating it.

Feel better soon. & Happy Mother's Day.

fefyfomanna: Thursday 13: Cute Bunnies!

5/11/06, 10:56 AM  
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Blogger No_Newz said...

Not much worse than that pain. I sure hope you feel better soon.

5/11/06, 11:00 AM  
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Blogger Tracy said...

I get migraines frequently, so I empathize. I *hate* them.

5/11/06, 11:31 AM  
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Blogger Killired said...

i started to comment earlier then the cable guy showed up to fix the computer signal... so now i should be back online regularly!

anyway.. I get migraines and I have to have peace and quiet, a dark room to lie down in and i have to lay on the side that the migraine is on... i also take about 3 extra-strength tylenol's and that helps. then i take ibuprofen to help with the tight shoulder and neck feeling that comes along too... and i cannot be around anything that smells really strong... it makes it much worse.
HATE migraines...

5/11/06, 1:47 PM  
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Blogger Emily said...

Ugh, I seriously feel for you!

5/11/06, 1:59 PM  
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Blogger Wystful1 said...

Our daughter has suffered from migranes also, so I can relate to this list.

My celebrating 38 years of marriage is posted with My T -13

5/11/06, 2:11 PM  
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Blogger TNChick said...

When I get them, I put a cloth on my forehead and sleep.

5/11/06, 2:22 PM  
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Anonymous Karin said...

The font on your page is extremely hard for me to read now, but I think you wrote about migraines. So sorry you have them!

5/11/06, 2:32 PM  
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Blogger Suzy said...

yikes! hate that for you! i also get headaches, but i think it is because i need to wear my glasses!

5/11/06, 3:08 PM  
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Anonymous Tricia said...

I used to get a lot of Migraines, but now they don't come as often. I understand how you feel though. Right now I suffer from another type of chronic pain so I also understand about not be able to do things, having to cancel plans or simply not make them because you don't know how you feel.

Have you tried getting nerve blocks for the pain? I used to work in a pain clinic and that's what we specialized in. It really helped a lot of people.

My TT is up.

5/11/06, 4:32 PM  
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Anonymous Wendy said...

I can sympathize with you. I used to get migraines a lot. Thankfully I was able to determine that my birth control pills were a major trigger for me.

5/12/06, 1:20 AM  
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Blogger Carol said...

Take care of yourself first!

5/12/06, 1:46 AM  
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Blogger Chrixean said...

I'm so sorry to hear of your migraine pains. My hubby suffered from this in the past but the good news is it can be cured! God bless you... get plenty of rest.

5/12/06, 3:36 AM  
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Blogger mar said...

I am very sorry to hear about you and migraine! hope today it is not one of those days...

5/12/06, 6:56 AM  
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Anonymous Pearl said...

Yikes, migraine's are nasty. I get them now and then. Knowing your triggers and being able to sidestep them are two separate things.

5/13/06, 2:20 PM  
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Blogger Froggie said...

I don't get migraines, but I've seen my mom suffer through them. I hope you don't get them too often!

5/14/06, 3:48 PM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Really amazing! Useful information. All the best.

5/16/06, 8:19 PM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I say briefly: Best! Useful information. Good job guys.

5/16/06, 8:28 PM  
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