Best So Far Blog Awards

Congratulations Killired and Lazy Daisy Log

Killired won for Best Linkfest Blog!
Lazy Daisy won for Best Humor Blog!
I was runner up in the Best Personal Blog category. Thanks for everybody who voted for us. A special thank you to Veronika for asking her readers to vote.

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Blogger Killired said...

omg... you are so sweet! thank you thank you thank you! i am totally kicking butt over there too! in fact, all 3 of us are in first place!!!!!!!!! thanks for the advertising!!!!! :)

2/2/06, 10:18 AM  
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Blogger Minerva said...

Cool, cool, and cool...
And done..


2/2/06, 2:51 PM  
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Blogger Anita said...


Only for you would I go through that convoluted voting procedure. But since I was there, I gave my votes to Killired too.


2/2/06, 5:18 PM  
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Blogger David said...

you have a bit of jam on your nose! hehe

2/2/06, 7:52 PM  
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Blogger Barbara said...

David - The apricot tastes great! I'm trying the plum tomorrow!

2/2/06, 10:26 PM  
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Blogger Barbara said...

Minerva, Anita,

Thanks so much for voting! Good luck in the BoBs.

2/2/06, 10:27 PM  
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Blogger Peakah said...

Great site! Checkin ya out from the Best of so far awards.

From webster eh? My dad lived there for many years! My lil sis went to graduated from Webster HS (forgot the name of it now) years ago.

I miss Upstate insanely, well, perhaps not this time of year but this year seems pretty mild from what I've heard.

GL in the rest of the awards...

...may I consider you a sistah from anothah mistah?

2/2/06, 10:31 PM  
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Blogger J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I voted for you -- there!

2/3/06, 12:12 AM  
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Blogger FRIDAY'S CHILD said...

Will do vote for you. Congratulations for being the best Personal Blog.
By the way, I am tagging you. Leave me a comment so I can read your tag.

2/3/06, 1:09 AM  
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Blogger sister celtic said...


2/3/06, 1:10 AM  
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Blogger Running2Ks said...

I've been missing this whole thing while on vacation--ack!

I agree with the 3 above. Cast my votes--you guys rock!

2/3/06, 9:36 AM  
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Blogger Killired said...

barb... email everyone you know! you're only a few behind now to first place! you're soooo close... she updated this morning! i sent out an email to everyone in my addy book to vote!!!

2/3/06, 11:37 AM  
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Blogger WendyWings said...

No dangling chads then ?

2/3/06, 1:23 PM  
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Blogger Crazy MomCat said...

Yay! I sent my votes in earlier today. Hope you win!!!

2/3/06, 2:18 PM  
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Blogger Renee said...

I voted and I'm asking for more questions for my next tt

fefyfomanna: Asking again...
Please come ask me something

2/3/06, 2:40 PM  
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Blogger sister celtic said...


2/3/06, 4:39 PM  
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Blogger Veronika said...

You've always got my vote! I'll put up something on my blog

2/3/06, 4:53 PM  
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Blogger Barbara said...

Peakah - Thanks for stopping by! I left you a comment on your blog about Webster, where life is worth living!

Andrew - Thanks so much - I apparently need to shake the bushes for votes because I'm so close.

FRIDAY'S CHILD - Thanks for voting for me - I'll answer your tag when I'm done beating the bushes.

sister celtic - You're great, thank you so much!

Running2Ks - Thank you! If I wasn't so close to winning I might not care so much!

Killired - I emailed my family. It took me 1/2 hour to walk my mother through it over the phone.
I haven't told people at work about my blog, so I didn't email them. I was going to send to my friends but I'm running out of time. We're packing for a weekend trip! Thanks for all the advertising you're doing!

WendyWings - I hope not - I don't want any voting fiascos!

Crazy MomCat - Thank you so much Crazy Momcat! Can you imagine the fame and glory if I win?

Renee - Thanks Renee! I sent you a question.

Veronika - Thank you, you're so nice!

2/3/06, 8:43 PM  
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Blogger Pebble said...


2/5/06, 2:27 PM  
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Blogger Lyn said...

Congratulations on your "Best So Far" Top Personal Blog Award, January 2006 presented by Bloggin' Outloud. Keep up the great work. Lyn

2/5/06, 4:37 PM  
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Blogger puremood said...


2/5/06, 8:35 PM  
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Blogger Barbara said...

Pebblepie, Lyn, Puremood - Thanks!

2/6/06, 8:40 PM  
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Blogger The Conservative UAW Guy said...


2/6/06, 11:27 PM  
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Blogger Wyatt Earp said...

Congratulations Barbara! Three great blogs finished in the top three! It's an honor to be considered in the same company as you and CUG.

2/7/06, 1:56 AM  
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Blogger Barbara said...

CUG, Wyatt - Thanks and Congratulations!

2/7/06, 8:00 AM  
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