Another question for you, #3

Do you remember the Milton Bradley board game Scruples? I loved playing that game with my friends because I always learned so much about them. Now it's your turn to play. It's very simple.

1. Read the question
2. Answer Yes, No or Depends in the comments with your answer to the question
3. In addition, predict what my answer will be

Here we go:

Two of your friends have had a bitter argument and are not speaking. Do you try to get them back together again?

Update: 2/12 1:30 PM
Your answers:
YES: 10
NO: 5
It depends: 2
Other: 1

My answer:
Life gets complicated when two friends have a falling out. It seems that unless you side with them they never really trust you. Just like in the reality TV game of Survivor, unless you choose a side, you get voted off. Since friends are too valuable to lose I would try to get them speaking again, if only for selfish reasons. Chances are that if the argument was bitter there was a close friendship before the argument, people don't invest time in having a bitter argument with strangers. I think it's sad to see friendships disintegrate, probably over words that are later regretted. I would try to get them speaking again.

Friends who guessed correctly about me:
Kdubs ; Veronika ; Chrixean ; Erin ; Friday's Child ; J. Andrew Lockhart ; WendyWings ; Jake Silver ; Shelli ; Trinity13


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Blogger kdubs said...


You would....try??


2/10/06, 9:21 PM  
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Blogger Running2Ks said...

Yes, I would try once.

Unless, someone was really very mean or wrong, of course.

2/10/06, 9:26 PM  
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Blogger Veronika said...

Yes, I would try to get my friends speaking after an argument.
I predict your answer would be yes, also.

2/10/06, 9:54 PM  
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Blogger Chrixean said...

My answer is Yes. And Yes also as my prediction to your answer :-)

2/10/06, 10:29 PM  
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Blogger LadyBugCrossing said...

Since I don't do conflict well, I'll have to say it depends upon what the argument is about.

You - probably the same as me.


2/10/06, 10:33 PM  
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Blogger Erin said...

No. Been there. Done that. I would lend an objective ear. But that's it. No middle man for me.

I'd say you will try to get them to speak again.

2/10/06, 10:56 PM  
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Blogger chichimama said...

Nope, their issue, not mine.

Ip redict you say no as well.

2/11/06, 7:59 AM  
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Blogger chichimama said...

Whoops, I predict...

2/11/06, 7:59 AM  
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Blogger FRIDAY'S CHILD said...

Yes.I predict that you would too.

2/11/06, 8:36 AM  
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Blogger gnome said...

Of course.... Not only try, but actually force them to get it over with...

2/11/06, 8:42 AM  
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Blogger Amber said...

No I would not, its best to stay out of it. I would also lend an objective ear, but they have to work it out themselves.

I think you would not interfere either but give them help if they asked for it, or needed it.


2/11/06, 8:54 AM  
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Blogger J. Andrew Lockhart said...

This one's easy! Yes I would, and you would, too. I haven't been write yet, so maybe this one will do it --

2/11/06, 12:22 PM  
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Blogger WendyWings said...

Yes and I am guessing you are a yes too.

If you want play i have a guess the lie post up :)
( linkage if you get it right lol)

2/11/06, 6:33 PM  
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Blogger Jake Silver said...

I would not.

But I'm betting you would.

2/11/06, 9:51 PM  
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Blogger Shelli said...

yes, and I think you would, too.

2/11/06, 11:47 PM  
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Blogger Trinity13 said...

But of course! I would hope you would do the same.

2/12/06, 12:35 AM  
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Blogger Renee said...

No I wouldn't try to fix them, but I would listen to each one and be careful about what I said...because I've been burned before.

You: I'm not sure.

2/12/06, 1:40 AM  
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Anonymous mar said...

I am not sure, I avoid conflicts , I'd like them to be friends again but if there is something wrong I would hate to loose two friends. I think it depends on the issue. If it is too personal there is nothing I could do.

I think you would also say it depends. It is not clear why they are not speaking to each other.

2/12/06, 5:18 AM  
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Anonymous mar said...

What if one was/is having an affair with the other's husband???

2/12/06, 5:20 AM  
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Blogger Barbara said...

Posts after this point were not considered before I posted my answer.

2/12/06, 1:40 PM  
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Blogger Jessica said...

I would try not to take sides unless there was some obvious real wrongdoing by one party. If it was anything other than that I would tell them I love them both but they are going to have to work it out for themselves. I'm a Libra, we mediate, we try NOT to take sides. I tell my husband and my parents, if you all have issues, you work them out, leave me out of it. While Libras are born to be "in the middle" we actually hate it!

2/13/06, 7:39 AM  
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