Tech Support Hell

I finally gave up talking to Roadrunner to get internet access back. I had three online chat sessions and one live phone call. I let my husband have a turn talking to them. He spent an hour and a half on the phone with them. I sat patiently playing minesweeper listening to one side of the conversation.

"I do not have a router connected, the Roadrunner modem is connected directly into the PC."

"I don't have a CISCO router, I've never had a CISCO router."

"My router is disconnected and unplugged"

"It's sitting in the corner with no wires in it."

"Do you want me to take a picture of it and send it to you?"

"I know how to disconnect a router, it's disconnected, it's not connected to anything."

"Please don't say the word router again, it's not a router problem."

"I thought you weren't going to say router again."

They were at an impasse, tech support believing a CISCO router was connected to the Roadrunner cable modem, my husband denying it. After more than an hour tech support transferred my husband to the expensive guys that you don't get on your first go round. You have to wrestle with the first tier support for a while before you can touch the elite level support desk. Here's my husband on the phone with them:

"They kept telling me I have a CISCO router and I don't"


"Yes, it's working now, thank you!"

Me: "What was it?"

Husband: "This guy said they are having a problem with a range of IPs on a subnet. He made it look like we have a different router instead of CISCO, even though we don't have a router connected."

So, I'm back, for now.



Blogger J. Andrew Lockhart said...

your husband has a lot more patience than I do!

1/11/06, 11:39 PM  
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Blogger Barbara said...

Yes, he does have patience. I'm just glad to be connected again.

1/11/06, 11:53 PM  
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Blogger Marie said...

Oh my gosh! It's crazy. I hate when they assume you don't know anything, when you have technical skills. Was first tier support in India? That's happened to me before! Add difficulty understanding the tech rep to the equation, and you've got a real nightmare... ahh, customer support!

1/12/06, 8:42 AM  
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Blogger Minerva said...

Wow, I am impressed with your husband's patience... And what is it with customer support people expecially with computers when they don't 'believe' the female view?

Grrrr....just thinking about it gets me going...


1/12/06, 9:09 AM  
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Blogger Trinity13 said...

Wow, I would never put up with that! I too would have handed it off to the hubby. Just doesn't sounds like a good way to spend the evening.

1/12/06, 9:54 AM  
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Blogger Poppy Cede said...

I'm sorry your husband had to go through that, but it's a really funny story. I always "make" my husband call tech support because I always run into the "you're a girl" wall with them.

1/12/06, 12:13 PM  
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Blogger Norma said...

He's a sweetheart to do this for you! Welcome back. Funny hearing one side, though.

My TT are up.

1/12/06, 1:58 PM  
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Blogger Renee said...

See I can't be a geek, because I didn't understand a word of that! LOL!

I did get frustrated w/ one time Lexmark tech support because they pretty much told me that my problem was because I didn't use their brand printer cartridge and I had blown my warranty with them for doing so, so they weren't going to help me. I tried all sorts of things, installing new drivers and such. Finally I took it to a computer guy and my problem? The printer cartridge. Apparently the generic cartridge was a bad one. LOL!

My 13 is up http://lillyput.blogspot.com I think that you've already stopped by, thanks!

1/12/06, 3:27 PM  
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Blogger sister celtic said...

hi barbra. hey check out my new blog activity and let the others ffmb know about it.. your son might have some fun with this..

1/12/06, 6:29 PM  
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Blogger Barbara said...

Marie - You have Roadrunner too, right? If you get the symptom of only getting to 10% of your internet sites, at least you can tell tier 1 what the problem is.

Minerva - You have a point there. Even though I have a technical background, it is more software specific than hardware or network. I expect not to be believed, so I patiently do everything the support people ask, even though I know I'm wasting my time and not getting to the problem. Trouble is that was getting time consuming and my husband wanted to cut through all that. The support people wanted him to do all the same things they asked me to do and he wouldn't. He kept trying to tell them. I took the path of least resistance (the long way), he took the hard path. He still had trouble getting to the root of the problem, it took over an hour for the guy to believe him.

Trinity13 - It was difficult, I had blogging to do.

Poppy Cede - Thanks. My husband was getting frustrated with me because I was changing all this stuff on his PC at tech supports urging and it was driving him nuts because he knew there was no problem with any of our PC's.

Norma - Thanks. He's a sweetheart, but we all lost the internet, he was almost as anxious as I was to get it back.

Renee - Face it, you're a geek. Don't worry, the more you hang around here the cooler you'll get! :))

sister celtic - Okay - I'm heading over!

1/12/06, 8:44 PM  
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