Blog Olympics - Round 4 Results

Logo courtesy of Carrie of Cze-Johnson Fever

Forty-two Olympians entered Round 4 of the Blog Olympics.

There were eleven gold medalists:

Thursday Thirteen
1) 81 - Whiskey Talking
2) 60 - Running2KS
3) 51 - Renee
4) 50 - Practigal
5) 34 - KDubs

Non Thursday Thirteen
1) 75 - Pure Mood
2) 32 - Green Tuna
3) 30 - Samantha
4) 27 - Jake
5) 26 - Novaks8
5) 26 - Shelli

There were 31 silver medalists.

No bronze medalists this round.

Congratulations to all the medalists in this round!

Only bloggers who have already participated will be allowed to play in rounds 5 - 6. This will prevent cherry-picking gold medals by bloggers who have not put in the hard work of daily participation.

XSSS Amber of I want to be Donna Reed
SSSS Carrie of Fresh New Fever
SSSS Carol of A Revision
SSSS chichimama of A Day in the Life
XXSS Chrixean of Unicorn Child
SSSS Crazy MomCat from Crazy MomCat
XSXX CyberWarlock of The Chronicles of Chaos
SBSX Dave of Weezil Breezes
SSSS David of Sugarloaf Mountain
SSSS drama mama of A Dramaqueen's Guide To Life
SSSS Erin of Empty Cerebrations
SSSS FRIDAY'S CHILD of Friday's Child
SGSS Gabrielle of Fat Skinny Girl
BSBS Gnome of a random gnome's random lair
GSSG GreenTuna of Tuna News
SGBG Jake Silver of The Jake Silver Show
SSSS Joyce of ReJoyce in Living
GSSS karin of HeartSongs
SSBS Isabella Penn of Zeno's Bar & Grill
XGSX Kat of Kitty Can Scratch
SSSG Kdubs of Reflections of a Not So Ordinary Mom
SSSS Killired of Killired
XSGS Laurie of Stranded in Suburbia
GSSS lazy daisy of Lazy Daisy Log
XSSX Mama B of Confessions Of A Busy Mom
BSSS Mar of maremagnum
SSSG Marie of PractiGal
SSSS Minerva of a Woman of Many Parts
XSXX MommaK of Petroville
SSGS Nancy of Blog Pourri
SSSG novaks8 of Fireflies & Frogs
BGSS owlhaven (Mary) of Owlhaven
XSGG Puremood of Puremood
SXXX Pat of The Introverted Exhibitionist
SSSG Renee of fefyfomanna
SGGG Running2Ks of True Blue Semi-Crunchy Mama
SSSG Samantha of Witchy Wonderings
XSXS Shannon of Second Starr to the Right
SBSG Shelli of Shelli's Sentiments
SSSS sister celtic of Lopez Island Life
GBSS Stephen of From the Edge to the Center
SSSS Stonetree of Deep in the Ground
XSBX Su of Susanna's Billinghay Blog
SSXX Sugarmama of The Secret Cave of the Sugar Mama
SSSS tamara of cybervassals
SSSX theyellowwallpaper of The Yellow Wallpaper
SBGS Train-Guy of Train-Guys Vote
SSSS Trinity13 of dodge this
SXXX T_Stormcrowe of The Amazing Shrinking Man!
SSGG Uisce of Whiskey Talking
BSSS Veronika of A Day In The Life Of Veronika
SXXX Vicki of Outside In
SSSX Well Woman of Ramble On
SBBS Wendy of On the Go Mom

G = Gold, S = Silver, B = Bronze, X = Did not Participate

Prepare for Round 4!


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Blogger Shelli said...

Mine was a Thursday Thirteen and you gave me a gold for a non-TT outgoing links. Just being honest.

1/26/06, 9:35 PM  
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Blogger Barbara said...

Shelli - It was still tied with the 10th place blog, TT or not.

1/26/06, 9:45 PM  
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Blogger Running2Ks said...

Barbara, you are phenomenal. How do you keep it all up? This is a great event :)

1/26/06, 10:46 PM  
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Blogger Shelli said...

Thank you! Yay!

1/26/06, 10:49 PM  
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Blogger puremood said...


Barbara, hats off to you for keeping up with it all.

1/26/06, 11:32 PM  
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Blogger Renee said...

Winning, whining either way it's a medal...right? ;o)

*doing a happy dance for first gold medal* Woo HOO!

I need some tea!

1/27/06, 1:13 AM  
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