The Proclamation

I'm here in the office, listening to my disk drive go crazy, when suddenly my 10 year old son bursts though the door and exclaims:

"Guess what guys, I get to watch a video in health tomorrow where they say the f-word like 6 times."

Me: How do you know they say the f-word 6 times?

Son: Cause the other class said so.

Me: I don't think so.

Please remind me to ask him about the video tomorrow.

11/8/05 I put an update to this story in the comments.



Blogger JoeC said...

a health videos with f words? *suspicious*

11/8/05, 12:42 AM  
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Anonymous colleen said...

Maybe the F word is Fillopian tubes?! Or is that spelled with a P? Hi from michele's.

11/8/05, 10:44 AM  
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Blogger Jennifer said...

I would be afraid. Very afraid. What in the world are they watching in there?!?!

11/8/05, 2:06 PM  
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Anonymous Michele said...

Okay, I'm worried for you.

11/8/05, 5:03 PM  
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Blogger Barbara said...

I asked my son about the video.

Me: Did you see the video today?
Son: (puzzled look)
Me: The one with the f-word in it...
Son: Oh yeah, it didn't have the f-word
Me: What was it about?
Son: Alcohol, and grown-up stuff, like sexy (<-- I think he means sex)
Me: Like what?
Son: Like cigarettes

Okay, I don't think they split up the boys and girls, so this wasn't the birds and the bees video.

So basically, he learned that first you drink some alcohol, have a little sex, then smoke a cigarette. Does that sum it up?

11/8/05, 8:27 PM  
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Anonymous Bonanza Jellybean said...

After reading your update, I can only be thrilled that our schools are teaching them right so early. Whew!

11/9/05, 4:25 PM  
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Blogger Barbara said...

Bonanza Jellybean - He goes to a great school, so I wasn't worried.

11/9/05, 9:18 PM  
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Blogger Dak-Ind said...

hehehe i remember when my number one son saif the "f word" a lot. he had a slight lisp and couldnt say the "ch" "th" or "tr" very well, they all came out sounding like "F"(he was around 3). my brothers were all amused and asked him often to walk up to his father and say "truck".

11/10/05, 5:26 AM  
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Blogger Barbara said...

Dak-ind - Small children can be amusing, can't they.

11/10/05, 7:41 AM  
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Blogger Anita said...

My son told me the video was strictly about smoking . . .but he said there were posters in it that did have bad words. Of course he has a broad definition of bad words. I'm pretty sure it wasn't the "f" word.

11/10/05, 6:41 PM  
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Blogger Barbara said...

Anita - Thanks for another perspective on the video. It's amazing how divergent children can be in their recollection of common experiences. What sticks out in one child's mind is omitted by another's. I guess that continues on into adulthood, but it is more exagerated in the young.

11/10/05, 8:20 PM  
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Anonymous Pearl said...

Good point. Kids pop out of the womb so distinct don't they? it's funny, born we all look the same but respond differently being easy-going or fussy, but as we age we look more and more different from each other, but get to access common points of reference and see patterns how other people react.

11/11/05, 1:47 PM  
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