Friday Five

Friday Five

1) What is your favorite noise to hear? Silence
2) If you could live in any era of time, what would you choose and why? The future, I can't wait to see what happens
3) You just found $50 while cleaning your house. Where do you decide to spend it? I just use it for lunch money
4) What magazines to you subscribe to/read on a normal basis? Prevention, Psychology Today, Shopping, Marie Claire
5) If you could witness any event in history, but not change anything about it, what would you choose and why? Spirit and Opportunity roving around Mars Home


Blogger Better Safe Than Sorry said...

1. i agree
2. i'd want to live in the past, the jane austen era, the clothing, the homes, the free time to socialize
3. well if it just happened today, i'd use it for christmas shopping, go to the drug store and buy a bunch of things for christmas stockings
4. martha stewart, cosmo, kraft
5. i'd like to have gone with gweneth paltrow when she won her oscar, do the red carpet, sit with her in the audience, attend the parties afterwards, have a pic of her, her oscar and me! hmmm, i think i'm coming across as somewhat shallow, oh well.

11/12/05, 8:26 AM  
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Blogger DeeJay said...

1. Laughter
2. I like the way things are now. Go back and we lose loved ones to diseases that are now curable...go forward and I am afraid that the evil powers that be will have a grip on the world.
3. $50 and off to the scrap book store I go. :)
4. Scrapbooks etc. and Martha Stewart Living. Just got my December issue 2 days ago and it still gets me giddy when I sit down with it.
5. I would like to spend a day watching my grand mother's grand father (Quanah Parker) with his family and how he interacted with them.

11/12/05, 9:57 AM  
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Blogger Suzanne said...

1. a purring cat
2. I like the current time, 'cause technologies are cool, but could do without all the psychotic behavior that is happening at schools, involved in wars, etc.
3. I'd use it for lunch money, too ;-)
4. IEEE Spectrum, school newsletter, church/diocese newsletters, Traditional Home, online mags pointed to from my blog
5. I would like to have remembered seeing the moon landing; seeing Moses part the Red Sea would've been cool, to see what really happened - hope I would have been hanging out with him at the time, but I wonder . . .

11/12/05, 11:07 AM  
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Blogger Running2Ks said...

Now I have the song "Sounds of Silence" in my head :)

11/12/05, 12:20 PM  
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Anonymous Sarangeti said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Have a great, quiet, weekend. :)

11/12/05, 3:10 PM  
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Blogger Barbara said...

better safe than sorry – I like the jane austen era too
deejay – wish I said laughter for my response to the first question
Suzanne – Purring is wonderful, haven’t heard the sound in quite a while
Running2Ks – still humming?
Sarangeti – The weekend has been really, really quiet.

11/12/05, 6:23 PM  
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