Bloggers Young and Old

Blogging keeps seniors current This article talks about the many reasons seniors love to blog, including spreading around their wealth of wisdom. It mentioned many different weblogs maintained by seniors, but it didn’t provide links to them, so I’ve looked them all up for you. Happy surfing!

Dad's Tomato Garden Journal (age 92)
Dogwalk Musings (age 64)
Oldest Living Blogger (age 73)
My Mom's Blog by Thoroughly Modern Millie (age 80)

The Ageless Project Web logs by birthdate. Includes screenshots of the front page of each blog listed

Anita of Fighting Inertia encourages young people to blog. She has her two sons and their classmates blogging.
Any Other Young Bloggers Out There?
The Next Generation of Bloggers




Blogger Scribble Garden said...

In an age that values youth over wisdom (sadly), I am glad to see the older kids are putting their two cents in. I hope I'll be chugging away at my blog at 92 (or some form of it). Thanks for the links and for stopping by!

11/12/05, 7:44 PM  
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Blogger Jennifer said...

I will have to read those senior blogs after church. They look really interesting. I wish my grandma could blog. She would be a hoot!

11/13/05, 8:35 AM  
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Blogger Stephen said...

Wow, excellent roundup of senior blogs. It's true that, someday, everyone in the modern world will be blogging.

12/2/05, 5:50 PM  
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