Can eating insects help fight hunger and promote biodiversity? According to this article the answer is yes. Did you know that us pesky westerners are actually hurting this cause? The TV programs Fear Factor and Survivor are testimony that Americans find eating bugs icky. Our views are rubbing off on the rest of the world. Perfectly happy insect eaters are now shunning the little buggers. Talk about the law of unintended consequences! I, myself, am contributing to world hunger because I get the heebie-jeebies at the mere notion of eating an insect.

Apparently bugs are good for you! Then let Mikey eat them, he’ll eat anything!

From Insects as Human Food, HYG-2160-96

Today is National Chocolate Covered Insect Day. In honor we should all buy some Chocolate-Covered Insects. Let me know how they taste.



Blogger JoeC said...

nope, yet to eat insects...but to some is their daily diet. Have eaten some snakes before but no insects. Perhaps, there is a way to process the insect to look more appealing. Nice lil reserach there. Cheers!

10/14/05, 1:32 PM  
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Blogger Karen said...

Hmm, as long as they were dead and chocolate-covered, I could probably try it.

Here via Michele's meet 'n greet!

10/14/05, 7:43 PM  
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Blogger Star said...

Are there REALLY perfectly happy insec eaters? Thanks for stopping by the other day,

10/14/05, 9:24 PM  
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Blogger Barbara said...

Snakes - yewwww!

Karen - There's a link for some chocalate covered insects, Christmas is right around the corner.

Star - There are no more happy insect eaters thanks to us.

Thanks for commenting!

10/14/05, 9:34 PM  
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Blogger JoeC said...

Why, snakes are good, nah, not really my thing. It tastes smooth and a lil chewy...not like chicken...you can also eat the skin on the snake. Btw, we are not eating it raw, it is stir fried with dry chili, soya sauce, onions and some spices...so, you dun know that it is a snake from the finish product. Cheers!

10/15/05, 9:38 AM  
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Blogger Carmi said...

Aside from inadvertent ingestion while cycling, I can't say I've ever chowed down on the little critters. I've seen similar charts and stats, and I get the whole food chain relationship thing. But humans aren't four-legged forest-dwellers. And I don't see Starbucks overhauling its menu anytime soon.

And my final excuse: they're not kosher.

10/15/05, 2:48 PM  
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Anonymous Hula Doula said...


10/16/05, 11:55 PM  
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