Happiness is a Choice

In the U.S. we have the right to “the pursuit of happiness”. This conjures up an image in my mind of people chasing around trying to find happiness. That is way too much work for me. I like to find the easy way out of things, and there is an easy way to be happy, just choose to be happy.

Stuck in a traffic jam? Start singing!

Put on two different colored shoes by mistake? Tell everyone it’s National Mix Up Your Shoes Day, and you love to celebrate.

Studies have shown that happy and unhappy people have similar life experiences, it is their outlooks that are different.

Choose to be in the happy bunch. What will you get out of it? A happy life, good enough for me.

Happiness is a Choice Ring of Happiness




Blogger JoeC said...

Hi there, yeah, keep it simple, thats the way to happiness, while chasing for happiness can leave one unhappy. Cheers!

10/12/05, 8:44 PM  
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Blogger Marisa said...

Well said Barbara! This is my first visit to your site and I have to say it made me smile.

Michele sent me, btw.

10/13/05, 12:20 AM  
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Blogger Tara said...

Hello, Michele sent me.
Great post!

10/13/05, 12:27 AM  
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Blogger FattyPants said...

Congrats on being site of the day. Michele sent me:)

10/13/05, 12:36 AM  
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Blogger Alisha said...

Hi, here from Michele's, Congrats on Site of The Day!

Wonderful outlook you have, happiness IS a choice!

10/13/05, 12:37 AM  
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Blogger kenju said...

Congratulations on being the site of the day! I absolutely agree with the fact that happiness is a choice. You cannot choose what happens to you - but you can choose how you react to it!

Michele sent me.

10/13/05, 1:00 AM  
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Blogger Lish said...

Hi, Michele sent me. What a wonderful post and so very true. I wish that everyone could adopt this outlook, then we would all be happy!

10/13/05, 1:14 AM  
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Blogger Peri said...

Hi, Michele sent me.... sometimes I choose to be unhappy :(
But I'm working on choosing to be more happy.
Nice post!

10/13/05, 1:15 AM  
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Anonymous atpanda said...

Don't you think there really is a moment every day where you make the decision to be happy or not?

Michele sent me.

10/13/05, 1:25 AM  
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Blogger Yaeli said...

I totally agree with you. :o) Life is all about choices and how you choose to be. Even in bad situations you have a choice.

Michele sent me.

10/13/05, 4:39 AM  
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Blogger Karen said...

Well, said, Barbara! Congrats on being the site of the day!

Michele sent me...

10/13/05, 6:00 AM  
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Blogger Marie said...

Looks like my comment went POOF!

Anyway... absolutely true, Barbara!

Michele sent me!! Happy Thursday.

10/13/05, 6:27 AM  
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Blogger Ogre said...

Hello, Michele Sent me, too!

(Yeah, I'm late to the party. SO sorry... :)

And let me say --

Once you CATCH happiness after chasing it, oh, it's SO worth it!

10/13/05, 7:13 AM  
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Blogger Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

Hello, Michele sent me! All the way from Australia where I, too, think happiness is mostly a choice!

10/13/05, 7:56 AM  
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Anonymous mar said...

Hi, Michele sent me but I am still thinking about your prior post. Have a happy day.
"Happiness is not achieved by the conscious pursuit of happiness; it is generally the by-product of other activities".Aldous Huxley

10/13/05, 8:56 AM  
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Blogger Dave said...

Hello, Michele sent me! It's funny to think about this one. We have the right to pursue happiness, but probably not to actually having it! :)

10/13/05, 9:23 AM  
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Blogger Kim said...

Hi, Michelle sent me!

10/13/05, 9:28 AM  
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Blogger Indigo said...

Hello! Michele sent me! You, m'dear, are the Site of the Day.

I love your happy post! :-)

10/13/05, 9:42 AM  
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Anonymous nancy said...

Hi Michele sent me. What happiness to be Site of the Day.

Great post.

10/13/05, 10:10 AM  
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Blogger Suburban Turmoil said...

Happy site of the day day!!

Nice entry and I love your blog!!

Michele sent me!

10/13/05, 10:34 AM  
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Blogger InterstellarLass said...

Hi! Here from Michele's! Congrats on being site of the day! This is sooo true! I tell my kids, you have a choice, you can be grumpy and have a horrible day or you can be happy and have a great day. Which one sounds better to you?

10/13/05, 10:38 AM  
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Blogger Janet said...

I like your outlook, mine is similar! Life's too short, you know?

Hi, Michele sent me :-)

10/13/05, 10:38 AM  
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Anonymous colleen said...

I think happiness is our natural state...if you remove all the stress and hurt...that's what you'll find. Some people hang on to the hurts and stresses more or take it too personal.

10/13/05, 11:10 AM  
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Anonymous colleen said...

Michele sent me too!

10/13/05, 11:12 AM  
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Blogger Pieces of Me said...

Hey!!! I hope you have found your happiness and stay that way...I am here via Michele...Congrats on being the site of the day!! TTYL

10/13/05, 11:28 AM  
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Blogger Megan said...

Cheers Barbara! Perception is reality.

Hi - Michele sent me!

10/13/05, 11:52 AM  
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Anonymous Angela said...

Wow, what a great concept--and very true in my opinion!

Michele sent me :)

10/13/05, 1:26 PM  
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Blogger Canadian Mark said...

That's a pretty groovy thought. Michele sent me.

10/13/05, 1:44 PM  
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Blogger Maggie said...

Thank you very much. i will be printing this out and hand it to my daughter that has been walking around like her best friend die just because she's not allowed to use the phone for a weekend..
Hello, Michele sent me.:)

10/13/05, 3:23 PM  
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Anonymous Claire said...

Hello Michelle sent me, I always leave work at the end of the day with a smile on my face!

10/13/05, 3:34 PM  
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Blogger Oreo said...

I'm happy today too!! Here from Michele's. Congrats!!

10/13/05, 3:43 PM  
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Blogger Cin said...

Hello, Michele sent me!

You're suggestions are wonderful, and made me smile!

I like choosing to be happy, since my natural state is optimistic with shades of cranky bear. That's part of the reason why I've got into the habit of posting a "Monday Morning Love List" - cause Mondays need help.

10/13/05, 3:52 PM  
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Blogger Trista said...

Hello, Michele sent me! Congrats on being her site of the day!

I really love your outlook on life. So many of us focus on the negative, when we should be focusing on the positive instead. My mother always taught me to look on the bright side, and even though its really difficult at times, it makes life so much easier in the long run.

10/13/05, 4:12 PM  
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Blogger TC said...

What a great outlook. I do try to do that although times like now when the stress gets high it is a little tough.

Michele sent me.

10/13/05, 4:27 PM  
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Blogger yellojkt said...

michele sent me (like everybody else today.)

I like that attitude, I wish I could keep it up.

10/13/05, 5:25 PM  
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Anonymous MissMeliss said...

Michele sent me, and I'm late visiting, but I had to....and choosing to be happy? It seems so simple and logical, no?

Great post. Will be back.

10/14/05, 12:28 AM  
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Anonymous Hula Doula said...

Good enough for me as well!

10/14/05, 12:54 AM  
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Blogger Suzanne said...

LOVE the picture!! :-)

10/17/05, 7:44 AM  
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Anonymous Phylameana said...

Hi! I blogged your blog post for the Carnival of Healing #13. Please come by for a visit soon.

10/22/05, 4:00 PM  
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Anonymous TRAVIS VINDICH said...

People spend a lifetime searching for happiness; looking for peace. They chase idle dreams, addictions, religions, even other people, hoping to fill the emptiness that plagues them. The irony is the only place they ever needed to search was within. I will come again to your site. Keep it up!

5/2/09, 4:53 AM  
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Anonymous VITO A ZAPPALA said...

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6/8/09, 7:54 AM  
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